I'm Lola, your go-to Toronto Photographer specializing in both commercial and personal photography. Originating from Kyiv, I swiftly built a reputation as a leading photographer, capturing the essence of Ukrainian celebrities, actors, and musicians.
My global portfolio boasts collaborations with industry giants like UNICEF, Hennessy, and Samsung, where I mastered the art of commercials and impactful social media visuals. Proudly partnering with Ukrainian trailblazers NAGOLOVY and GARA, I've curated content that merges product brilliance with visual artistry. 2022 marked a notable chapter in Lisbon, where alongside the innovative The Breakfast app, I intertwined influencer charm with diverse breakfast scenes.
Now, as an integral part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) photography community, I aim to blend Toronto's dynamic essence with my seasoned expertise. Whether it's Toronto skyline shots, intimate Downtown Toronto street photography, or capturing the vibrancy of Toronto's events and festivals, I bring a unique touch.
Venture into my portfolio to explore a mosaic of moments, from the streets of Kyiv to the heart of Toronto. If my photographic approach resonates with your vision, let’s pave the path to a captivating collaboration in Toronto's vibrant photography scene.

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