Grateful for the opportunity to translate the pulsating beats and emotional depth of Oleg's "Give Me Your Love" into visual poetry. 
Each frame captured was a dance with light and emotion, a testament to the power of collaboration in crafting unforgettable moments. Immensely thankful for the trust placed in my lens to bring this dynamic vision to life. 📸🎶
Join us on this visual voyage and experience the magic of Oleg's "Give Me Your Love" through the lens of your imagination.
Directed by Sasha Shevchenko
AD - Anastasiia Danylova
DOP - David Grif
1st AC - Nazar Zhezhera
Gaffer - Andrei Ermolaev
Camera Trainee - Roman Chernevych
PA - Olga Akimochkina
PA - Mariia Maliushenko
Stylist - Daria Zotova
Hair Stylist - Nina Ponte
Photographer - Lola Mamadzhanova 
Photographer - Alona Zdanievych 
Editor - Sonya Ghandi
Colourist - Vlad Litvak
Colourist - Vika Svishchova

Tanisha Thammavongsa
Kaleela Maria 
Trisha Ng
Yana Kyuleva
Jasmine Tong
Garrett Waschuk
Heymer Alvarado
Crivelli Laudi

Special Thanks to: 
Lada Kasynets 
Viktoria Kasynets 
Petr Kasynets 
Underground Dance Centre 
Mohamed Eddeb
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